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The Smell of the Kill

by Michele Lowe

Dragon Productions
Palo Alto, CA
November 2 - 18, 2007

Scenic Design: Ron Gasparinetti
Costume Design: Meredith Hagedorn & cast
Lighting & Sound Design: Andrew Custer
Stage Manager: Nancy Parks
Master Carpenter: Charles MacKeithan

Laura Jane Bailey* as Debra
Meredith Hagedorn* as Nicky
Shannon Stowe as Molly
Special appearance by Dale Albright, John T. Aney, Steve Cortopassi, Thomas Gorrebeeck, Tom Gough, and Josh Sigal

*Members of Actors’ Equity Assocation



Wives Tale, November 14-20, 2007
Metro Silicon Valley

Killing with Laughter, November 9, 2009
Palo Alto Weekely

Very Enjoyable! “Comic timing, a solid script, a wonderful depth to each character, and another fantastic set makes this a really wonderful, laugh out loud, edge of your seat dark comedy. It starts right in with witty and realistic banter and through the course of this short, 1 1/2 hour production you really get to know these 3 women. Hard to do, but done so well. They really rose to the challenge. So refreshing to see a well rounded show from beginning to end.”
- anonymous audience review, posted at

This Smells Great! “This was a great evening of black comedy. After the first 5 minutes, you might think you know what kind of play it isn't that's even better. ALL of the performances are GREAT. This is truly a CANNOT miss show.”
- anonymous audience review, posted at

Life or Death in the Suburbs “What can I say? This show was a breath of fresh air in what was a very long week for me. I refuse to spoil anything, since many of the seemingly insignificent plot details manifest into twists, but I don't think anyone will find it boring. I especially enjoyed Laura Jane Bailey's performance. This show pulls no punches, and forces you to either cheer on or condemn the wives, and by extension to look at the forces which brought them to this point.”
- anonymous audience review, posted at

A Killer Show! “What a great show! Put three extremely talented actresses -Laura Jane Bailey, Shannon Stowe, and Meredith Hagedorn - together with a bitingly witty script, and you have a thoroughly entertaining night of theatre. If you like to laugh, don't miss this one!”
- anonymous audience review, posted at