Ana-Catrina Buchser
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Charlie & the Chocolate Factory


by Richard R. George from Roald Dahl

The Tabard Theatre Company
San Jose, CA
April 20 - May 5, 2007

Music Arrangement: Ana-Catrina and Bobby Buchser
Technical Directors: Joe Cassetta and Mike Haimson
Costume Design: Marilyn Watts
Lighting Design: Beric Dunn
Sound Design: Barry Schwam
Stage Manager: Kelsey Benavente-Hinkle

Cathy Spielberger Cassetta as the Narrator
Eric Colvin as Augustus Gloop
Eden Jackel as Violet Beauregarde
Jennifer Ellington as Mrs. Beauregarde
Hannah Harper as Veruca Salt
Hank Sprintz as Mr. Salt
Diana K. Turner as Mrs. Teavee / Factory Worker
Nick Iles as Mike Teavee
Jim Snell as Grandpa Joe
Joanne Engelhardt as Grandma Josephine
Bill Ereñeta as Grandpa George
Marcia Sternin as Grandma Georgina
Edward Guting as Mr. Bucket
Rhea Hawling as Mrs. Bucket
Justin Isaacson as Charlie Bucket
Kristy Hughes as Mrs. Gloop
Mitzi Nelson as Mrs. Salt
Toby Cordone as Mr. Teavee
Andrew Ceglio as Willy Wonka
The Oompa-Loompas: Lauren Colvin, Carolyn DiLoreto, Shannon Haley, Olivia Proffit, Cassandra Ronquillo, Samantha Sadoff, Madison Schmidt, Alyssa Teixera, Alexandra Vigil, Amber Vigil.



A Dahl’s House, April 25-May 1, 2007

Creative and Fun. “Tabard is known for their creative approach and this show is no exception. The well cast, fun adaptation of the book is full of minimilist but magical effects, and lots of laughs. the creative two sided staging was challenging, but I think they handled it well, and though the sound could use some tweaking in terms of levels, and mics, the colorful costuming, and props, not to mention the very cute kids, made this an enjoyable evening. Just 1 1/2 hours, and an entertaining intermission certainly makes this a worthwile show to take the family to.”
- anonymous audience review, posted at