Ana-Catrina Buchser
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Solitaire for Two

by Jeremy Sawyer
Directed by Ana-Catrina Buchser

Ram's Head Original Winter One Acts
Eleanor Prosser Studio
Stanford, CA
January 22nd 31st, 1998

Assistant Director: Jenny Moon
Set & Lighting Design: Chad Bonaker and Jeff Clarke
Sound Design: Kingsley Willis
Costume Design: Elizabeth Reeds

Arthur Schram as Soren
Katie Sigismund as Margaret
Anne Cunha as Nania
John Chakan as Fred
David Regelmann as Bill
Cody Harris as Joey


Show Synopsis

"Solitaire for Two", written by Jeremy Sawyer and directed by Ana-Catrina Savulescu, is about solitude and solidarity, blurry dilemmas of fantasy and reality, and living with the death of love. It is a struggle in the face of ultimate mystery. Soren goes to bed with his nagging wife, Margaret. He wakes the next morning to discover a mysterious and beautiful woman whom he has never seen before in his bed. Things escalate from there. Meanwhile, in another world, an old man named Fred and a younger Bill play solitaire with their own decks and talk of love, spirits, and perverse dreams.



Solitaire for Two
David Regelmann and John Chakan John and David playing solitaire
Katie and Art in bed Katie and John scream
Art and Anne on bed, Cody looking up Katie Sigismund and Art