Ana-Catrina Buchser
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Love in American Times


by Philip Kan Gotanda
directed by Rick Lombardo
assistant director, Ana-Catrina Buchser

San Jose Repertory Theatre
San Jose, CA
May 12 - June 5, 2011

Set Design: Robin Sanford Roberts
Lighting and Media Design: David Lee Cuthbert Sounds Design and Composition:
Tamara Roberts Costume Design: Cathleen Edwards Stage Manager: Stephanie

Arwen Anderson as Sophie
J. Michael Flynn as Jack
Zarah Mahler as Lyonee
Gabriel Marin as Cheese Master/Hector
Craig Marker as Edward
Linda Park as Scarlett Mori-Yang
Rosina Reynolds as Abby/Mrs. Green


Interesting Production of Love in American Times - Philip Kan Gotanda's Love in American Times recently had its world premiere at the San Jose Repertory Theatre. This two-hour and 20-minute comedy seemed to be a work in progress but it contained clever dialogue and splendid acting under director Rick Lombardo's taut supervision.

The Idiolect - When people see a very wealthy, much older man married to a very attractive, much younger woman, they figure they know what’s up: He’s just with her because she’s hot, and she’s just with him for the money, whatever he spends on her and whatever she stands to inherit when he dies. It looks less like a romance than a mutually beneficial transaction. Philip Kan Gotanda’s new play at San Jose Rep, Love in American Times, doesn’t necessarily undermine that perception, but it explores the phenomenon in a fascinating way.

Review: San Jose Rep's 'Love in American Times' emphasizes the unconventional - “Love in American Times” is what one may call “intriguing.” In spurts, it is very captivating. And on an acting level, it is clearly spellbinding.