Ana-Catrina Buchser
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Antigone (in the Oval Office)

adapted by Ana-Catrina Buchser from Ian C. Johnston’s translation of Sophocles play, concept by Cathy Spielberger Cassetta

The Tabard Theatre Company
San Jose, CA
October 10 - November 1, 2008

Set Design: Gavin O. Takase-Sanchez
Costume Design: Marilyn Watts
Lighting Design: Beric Dunn
Sound Design: John DiLoreto
Video Director: Kevin Springer
Stage Manager: Eric Hopper

Fiona Lawson as Antigone
Beth Covey as Ismene
Brent Beebe as Cameraman / Deputy Chief of Staff
Linda McPharlin as Reporter / Speaker of the House
Jeff Swan as White House Chief of Staff
Dirk Leatherman as President Creon
Hank Lawson as Secret Service Agent
Stephen Sherwood as Military Police / Aide to Speaker of the House
Andrew Ceglio as Haemon
William Edwards as Former President Tiresias
Michael Wright as Tiresias’ grandson



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